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With how many websites exist, it is all too easy for yours to go unnoticed, invisible to your audience.

The way to make sure it reaches them is with Search Engine Optimization. We use the latest and most effective SEO tools to make sure that with search engines, your website is at the top.

Since the start of Search Engine Optimization, it has come a long way and had a fair few changes. Keyword stuffing and link building were the main practices for scoring a high SEO ranking a while back, but as Google algorithms have changed, so have our tactics. We keep up to date with the latest changes and follow the correct rules when it comes to SEO for websites.

Why Choose Us

Be at the top of search results

With our fantastic SEO experts, we can help you get your rankings to where you want them to be: the first page among the top results, catching the eye of potential customers.


Get in contact and we can schedule a meeting so that we can get to know you and your SEO strategy. After this, we will look through your strategy and analyse to offer recommendations.

Experts in SEO

Our SEO experts are here to help you reach the top. They will look through the information and data to offer advice and recommendations for changes that can be made for areas such as website structure and content.

Know your Strengths

It is important to know what parts of your website are successful, as well as those that need improvement. Knowing both is a vital part of a great SEO service campaign.

Enhancing your Website’s Performance

Our team of SEO professionals will do a comprehensive analysiation, allowing us to identify any and all technical SEO opportunities and issues. With this information, we use it to improve your website’s performance and increase its SEO health.

Monthly SEO Updates

We take keyword rankings, detailing what keywords are being optimised by us, demographic details and traffic and device analysis and compile them into monthly SEO reports for you.
Web Design Agency Toronto, Canada | Digital Marketing Experts
How does our SEO Service Works?

We use honest practices and hard work to provide websites with traffic, which results in conversions and a great ROI.

Starting with technical errors, so that your website can be easily navigated and found by people. From this, we take a thorough look using a suite of tools so that we can identify the best keywords for your area of business. This allows us to help you implement the keywords so that it drives sales.

What Do Our SEO Services Include?

Every single business out there is unique, this is something DMX understands perfectly. This is why our Toronto based SEO services create a digital strategy tailored to the specifications for your business needs. We do not spare any resources when it comes to optimizing your website to precisely and accurately fit Google’s known variables.

Market and Keyword Research
To match the constant changes that search engine rankings go through, we continually refine our market and keyword research. This means that your website will have a successful strategy, even before we start our SEO process.

On-page SEO
It may often seem small, but strategies for On-page optimization can’t be ignored. Our SEO experts will ensure that each part is up to standard, such as meta tags, meta descriptions, image optimization and linking for both internal and outbound.

Link Building Services
Whilst there has been many changes in recent years, link building is a major factor when it comes to increasing your rank. It can be a waste of time and money when not done correctly, so making sure to make the most of link building is crucial.

Interactive Content and Infographics
Whilst many people underestimate the power and value of interactive content and infographics, they can have a powerful effect on your SEO.

Google Penalty Recovery
Suddenly seeing a drop in organic traffic? Both your ROI and rankings can be devastated by using illegal SEO techniques. Our clients benefit due to the fact that we only use practices for SEO rank building that Google has approved.

Web Design Agency Toronto, Canada | Digital Marketing Experts
Web Design Agency Toronto, Canada | Digital Marketing Experts
How Conversion Increases with Highly Relevant Traffic

With our results-driven SEO plan, your online business can see massive success. With our SEO services as part of your search engine marketing, we can help you see increased organic traffic and business for your online presence and show you why we are the top Toronto-based SEO service firm.

SEO Reporting & Management

When working with an outside SEO company, it is extremely important to share with them as much data as possible. The majority of our clients provide full access to their Google Analytics accounts, looking to us to monitor and analyze organic traffic, goal completions and revenue. The best SEO companies out there provide transparency in their work that involves the site, providing reports to you on, at minimum, a quarterly basis.

Increasing traffic is not just what our goal is for your business, but to see increased conversions and calls. We are here to help you reach the improvements wanted and from there, we consult with you to see what our next move is so that we move in the right direction.

Web Design Agency Toronto, Canada | Digital Marketing Experts
Do You Have Questions?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of making your website as user relevant as possible. In doing so increase your ranking within a search engine. It’s essentially getting your website to number 1 on Google.  Whilst there are over 200 ranking factors, a few seo strategies may include

  • Creating a better User Experience
  • Including more relevant content
  • Increasing website load speed
  • Featuring in reputable external websites (news or social media)
  • Develop a strong content marketing strategy.

How long does SEO take?

In the same way it takes time to build your authority and trust offline, building your online authority takes time. Whilst typically you can see some quick wins from our SEO services in the early months, it can take anywhere from 3 – 24 months.

How Do I Improve My Website’s Authority?

You build website authority by “earning backlinks” from other websites. By producing informative and engaging content other websites will naturally link to that information. Naturally this improves your authority in your respective field.

Local SEO

Get positioned at the top for local search queries & start boosting your business in specific areas

On Page SEO

On-page optimization strategies can’t be ignored, no matter how small. Our team of SEO experts ensures your meta descriptions, meta tags, internal and outbound linking, and image optimization is up to standard.

Off Page SEO

Earn high quality backlinks from high DA niche sites and enjoy a steady stream of referral traffic.

Website Migration

Our website migration services will also make sure you don’t lose your hard-earned SEO position and domain value when moving.

Content Marketing

A lot of our content writers go on to become SEO experts. We’ll study your industry, learn your business, then deploy the best damn content you’ve ever read!


Custom SEO services that fit your unique business needs. Our expert SEO company professionals will help.
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