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A website depicts your company virtually on the Internet. Therefore it is very important to develop a website that send the right message

to your customers and maintains your brand image effectively. Developed with a perfect combination of imagery and functionality, your website can extraordinarily boost your online presence.

Hailed as one of the best and most popular Web Development Services providers, DMX is proud to say that our great reputation and proven trust is our greatest asset. We stand among the leaders and the pioneers in the digital development market.

Why Build With Us

SEO Friendly

Let your audience find you easily and quickly. Combining style and substance, your website uses high-level design techniques to increase visibility in search engines result pages, so it is easier for customers to find you and your brand.

Built for Speed

The faster you are, the higher the ranking. The performance of your website, the user experience, page speed and responsiveness of the site overall make an impact on how well your rank. We make sure the websites we design have the performance and speed to rank high.

Conversion Focused

When you approach web development with focus on conversion, you are making sure that each and every aspect looks towards having the highest conversion rates. Calls, traffic, leads and sales, our websites drive all of them.

Mobile Responsive

Making your sites mobile friendly is important, especially for SEO. From making sure to test how mobile friendly the site is to resizing images, we implement design techniques to ensure mobile responsiveness, helping improve your site’s SEO.

UX Web Design

UX Web Design improves the accessibility, usability and efficiency of your website. Creating a page design, we hand it over to you, so you can make changes until you are happy with the design stage.

Get In Touch

Every story is unique and we would love to hear yours, from your business to discussing some initial ideas. After we have had a chance to talk and gain a good idea of what you are aiming for, we will get back to you with a quote.
Web Design Agency Toronto, Canada | Digital Marketing Experts
Website Design Built for Marketing

The first look a potential customer will have of your brand is often your website. You want to make sure that the first impression is a great one. For that, you need website design that is truly exceptional and we have the expertise to create what you need.

User-friendliness is a vital part of the website design process for us, as the customer needs to be able to navigate to where they want to go with ease. Throughout the design process for every step, we make sure that the customers journey is always considered.

Fundamentals of our Kick A#s Web Design Services

When it comes to your website design project, if it needs a little help or otherwise, we are here to help. This means that with some clients, we work to take their fantastic content and take it to create a functional and amazing-looking website. For other clients, this means research into their customers, what they want to see, how they engage with the brand and what ways are best to engage with them. We can then take that research and write the content in a SEO-friendly form, have photographs arranged to be taken and design and create a wonderfully bespoke website that you can be proud of.

We research, design and with our superb team of web designers, build every website we create. You have full control over your website, so you can access it any time, as well as update it as you wish. Should you wish to leave it to the experts, we can manage your website as well.

Even if you are unsure of where you would need to start, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We want to hear from you.

Web Design Agency Toronto, Canada | Digital Marketing Experts
Web Design Agency Toronto, Canada | Digital Marketing Experts
A Dynamic Web Development Company

We use our expertise, advice, recommendations, industry experience and passion to help create a modern, stylish and responsive website that fits exactly what you are looking for.


Great content is fantastic for drawing traffic, but it helps to have more than one piece of content. With a WordPress content management system, you can take your content and add it regularly to your website. With a website with content managed WordPress, it can also help you show your expertise to your audience, help build the brand of your business and interact with customers through WordPress architecture and useful pulg-ins. If all of that has convinced you, the next step is finding a WordPress web designer. And we have a wealth of expertise there.


From our free website designs, to hiring one of our talented Shopify Design Experts, or maybe customising a design yourself, Shopify has the choices for you so you can make the perfect website design.

Look and feel is all under your complete control with Shopify, letting you make it to exactly how you want it to appear.

4 Steps to our Website Design Services


Once you give us the go ahead, we carry out research looking at what your clients would like to see and, should it be something you want, gathering content for your new website.


At this point in the process, we will have a good idea of what you are looking for with the project. To allow you to review and make changes, we create a page design. You can edit it until you are completely happy with it at the design stage.


With the design chosen, you can relax as our team build your website. This stage includes extensive testing to stop any post launch problems.


We present to you the finished design. Once it has your approval, we publish the website right away! We signal to Google to have your website indexed and can get ready to tell everyone about it.

Web Design Agency Toronto, Canada | Digital Marketing Experts
Do You Have Questions?

Why do we specialise in WordPress?

Due to its flexibility and ultimately, being very easy to use, WordPress is definitely one of our preferred options.  WordPress is an open source software (where the code is readily available) which makes it highly adaptable for expansion and affords clients the ability to take their website to any other provider.  Due to its clean code, it’s also search engine friendly and makes it very easy to continuously maintain for SEO purposes. Our developers are experienced and incredibly familiar with WordPress and we can most definitely help you out.

Do we build Mobile Responsive Websites?

Absolutely. Making sure your website is mobile friendly and can be accessed from both Mobile and Tablet devices is a huge priority for us. Acknowledging that mobile phones are the most popular choice of device used to visit any website makes this a crucial element in our design and development. So important that when we design, we always design with the mobile user in mind.

What is the difference between web design and web development?

Web design conceptualises what your website will look like (like a house plan) whilst web development is actually building the house. We’re pretty special in that we can do both and because we design and built with marketing in mind, we do them well.


Build customized, dynamic, and responsive WordPress websites with our top-notch WordPress web development services


Create the Best Shopping Experience, strive to take your store online and get you maximum revenue.

Website Migration

Get started on your website right away. Maintain rankings when you move and upgrade your Website


Our website hosting services will power your websites on the internet with 24/7 support.

Content Marketing

Optimized content creation crafted to convert & helped us get excellent ROI from Content Marketing


Registering your domain is the gateway to your presence in digital world. It defines your path for your customers to access you.

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